About Affiliate Programs and Ads

In an effort to derive some small income from this site, I have decided to participate in a few Affiliate programs in addition to the Adsense ads I now have running.  I want to be up front about it, so I created this page.

The first Affiliate program I am using is Amazon's.  If you click a link for a product in my blog and it takes you to an Amazon page, and you buy the product, I receive a small commission.  There is no additional cost to you.

Thank you for your participation in the affiliate programs.

Here are some links for products I've written about here before and can easily, wholeheartedly recommend because I use them.

I love my NeatReceipt scanner.  That make a version for both Windows and Mac.  I have the portable kind, but would love to one day have the Desktop Model, again made for Windows and Mac.

And I have always asked readers, if you are going to use Dropbox, to create your account with this link.  Using it gives us both an extra 256 megabytes of space.  I have written many times here and in my Family Tech column.